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Improved 2-column Template

Originally based on Caroline's Parade

Note that the .htaccess file (/2-column/.htaccess) is used to allow Server Side Includes on page files with an .html extension. The actual SSI files still have to use the .shtml extention.

The original 2-column template didn't have the flexibility this one has in that this one can be used for all pages of the site. It requires less customization when being applied to a new, real site.

The difference lies in how the col-wrapper is used. In this template the col-wrapper is not an SSI, as it is in the other template. Here, the col-wrapper is coded on the template and thus each page. It is not called via an SSI.

Doing so allows the template to have different content in the content pain (i.e., col-content) whereas before the col-content was being called by an SSI which meant every page had to have the same content unless modified as I've done with this template.


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