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Desert Star Community School Vision Statement

The vision of Desert Star Community School, a Waldorf Inspired Charter School, is to nurture and inspire a community of learners through an innovative, holistic approach to education. Our enriched program enables students to reach their full potential through Waldorf pedagogy combined with Multiple Intelligences philosophy, an integrated arts curriculum, and multi-cultural experiences. Our goal is to bring forth an education that is vibrant and alive.

Three years of investigation and research into leading schools and methodologies provided insight into how to enhance a child’s ability to learn. Desert Star brings together several proven approaches in an innovative way. The creative means to engage the child’s love of learning, are rooted in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf approach to education. We also incorporate Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory in order to teach to the various intelligences of the child. Children learn in many different ways, some are: logical, linguistic, kinesthetic, rhythmic, spatial orientation as well as through inter and intrapersonal relationships. Desert Star teaches to all the intelligences and thus engages and meets students who may struggle in traditional settings.

A true education involves more than just the intellect; it engages and integrates every aspect of the person: cognitive, physical, emotional, and social as well as the creative-imaginative aspects of the self. It is our conviction that a holistic approach to education is the key to social and cultural transformation.

It is our intention that Desert Star graduates become adults who are innovative creative thinkers as well as socially and environmentally responsible citizens who can help make the world a better place.

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